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3rd EP of Persons with Disabilities

On the 5th of December, more than 450 delegates from organisations representing persons with disabilities from all over Europe met with European Parliament leaders, Members of European Parliament and EU decision-makers in order to discuss how the EU can ensure the protection of the rights of persons with disabilities in the time of financial crisis. 

The 3rd European Parliament of Persons with Disabilities took place at an important time for Europeans with disabilities, in 2013 the EU will have to present its first report to the United Nations on the process it has made on the implementation of the rights of its 80 million citizens with disabilities, as defined in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD), the first human rights treaty the EU has ever ratified.

EUD President, Berglind Stefánsdóttir gave an intervention about the result from the recent EUD’s survey on the UNCRPD. 

EUD was pleased to see ten National Deaf Associations in Europe (Finland, Greece, Sweden, Latvia, Spain, Hungary, Denmark, Austria, Slovenia and Belgium) representing during the 3rd European Parliament for Persons with Disabilities. Sign Language was strongly visible during the successful event.

The analytical agenda of the meeting (from European Disability Froum)
The resoultion on the implementation of the rights of persons with disabilities (from European Disability Forum)

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