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What is the European Pillar of Social Rights?

What is the European Pillar of Social Rights?

The Pillar is a set of 20 principles and rights that are not legally binding. The aim of these principles is to strengthen the social dimension of the EU while increasing the quality of working and living conditions among participating Member States. The Pillar encourages Member States to update their social and employment standards and laws in order to reflect an inclusive and equitable society. 

Principles of the EPSR?

The EPSR includes 20 principles that are at the core of a European Union that is fair, inclusive, and full of opportunities. The Pillar focuses on three overarching areas: Equal opportunities and access to the labour market; Fair working conditions; Social protection and inclusion.
To find more information about each principle, check out the EPSR page.

How is the pillar implemented?

The EU supports the implementation of the Pillar’s principles through:
EU semester mechanism
The Pillar is accompanied by a ‘Social Scoreboard’, which tracks trends and performances across EU countries in areas related to the principles of the Pillar. The Pillar can influence the output of the European Semester process, especially the Country Reports, Country-specific Recommendations, National Reform Programmes and the Stability and Convergence Programmes. To learn more about the Social Scoreboard, please visit – https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/web/european-pillar-of-social-rights/indicators/social-scoreboard-indicators

NADs can use the Pillar as a tool to advocate for the rights of deaf people in their national contexts. To do so, NADs should:

  • Check the deadline for submitting inputs to the European Commission via the European Semester mechanism
  • Use the social scoreboard of the Pillar to evaluate the social situation in a specific Member State
  • Use the Pillar as a tool to address specific issues in your Member State
  • NADs can share their insights and inputs related to the Pillar to EUD’s policy team to receive guidance as to how to utilise these

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