Dr. Humberto Insolera's campagin


A message from EUD President, Markku Jokinen


We are sad to announce that EUD’s vice-president Humberto Insolera will not be running for the board of the European Union of the Deaf this May.

Humberto has worked as part of the board from 2009 up until now. We at EUD want to wholeheartedly thank him for his hard work and dedication which has enabled and supported EUD’s work and achievements – thank you.

Although Humberto will not be with us for our next term at the European Union of the Deaf, he has put himself forward as a candidate for the European Disability forum board. If he is selected, he will continue to work and collaborate with us here, at EUD. 

We, at EUD, fully support Humberto in his candidacy knowing if he were to be elected he would bring a deaf perspective to the work at the European Disability Forum. This will be essential to keep the deaf perspective and the work of EUD on deaf right’s, prevalent in the EUD.

As you may be aware, there are quite a few policy dossiers important to EUD, three in particular; 1. The Eurpean Accessibility Act, 2. The Audio-visual media service and 3. The European Electronic Communication Code. These dossiers must have a deaf perspective taken into consideration, and this is essential to the work of the European Union of the Deaf.

The EUD board and staff would like to take this time to fully support Humberto in his candidacy and wish him the best of success in his campaign. We hope that he achieves this position on the board of the European Disability Forum.


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