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Update on European Election campaign


Since the EUD Manifesto campaign began, all MEPs were encouraged to engage with their country’s deaf communities. 

We have been lobbying for the past 5 months. Over 50 MEPs have signed our manifesto and are willing to fulfil the objectives. We would like to especially share the information regarding an Irish MEP, Emer Costello, who has prepared to reach to the deaf community on 22nd March in Dublin, Ireland.

And over 5 MEPs are willing to fulfil the objective of pilot project, Insign to use the services to discuss with the sign language user from their country on April 9th.

So far, our campaign is making a difference for the Irish Deaf Community but it doesn’t end there: we have other 27 EU countries to liaise with their deaf communities too and to provide accessible election information.

If you want to know more about our campaign

If you want to know more about Emer Costello`s Advice Centre

Všechny publikace z let 2022-2026 jsou spolufinancovány a vydány v rámci programu Evropské komise Občané, rovnost, práva a hodnoty (CERV).

Vyjádřené názory a stanoviska jsou však pouze názory a stanoviska autora (autorů) a nemusí nutně odrážet názory a stanoviska Evropské unie nebo programu CERV Evropské komise. Evropská unie ani orgán poskytující podporu za ně nemohou nést odpovědnost.

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