Deaf Refugees Welcome – Sweden

SDR has a collaboration with Deaf Refugees Welcome Sweden (DRW). DRW consists of sign language volunteers who help deaf people on the run locally when they arrive in Sweden. For more information about DRW and contact information, search for “Deaf Refugees Welcome – Sweden” on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1776945835865806/permalink/3434233540137019/
E-Mail: [email protected]


The Swedish Migration Agency

When you come to Sweden, go to the Swedish Migration Board and ask for help. According to the EU Mass Refugee Directive, all refugees from Ukraine receive immediate protection in Sweden and a temporary residence permit. The permit gives you the opportunity for housing, work, care, school and financial support. The Swedish Migration Agency will help you if you want to apply for asylum. https://www.migrationsverket.se/Om-Migrationsverket/Aktuella-fragor/Situationen-i-Ukraina.html


Deaf sign language interpreters

When you visit the Swedish Migration Agency – ask for deaf sign language interpreters for your meeting. That way you get a more secure communication and a more legally secure process. It does not cost anything.


For those of you who want to seek asylum

Västanvik Folk High School has a collaboration with the Swedish Migration Board and offers a special reception for deaf and hard of hearing asylum seekers. All deaf people from Ukraine who apply for asylum are welcome to Västanvik Folk High School. More information about and contact information can be found on Västanvik Folk High School’s website. https://www.vastanviksfhs.se


SDR’s regional and local organizations

If you want to live in a place or near a sign language meeting place, it can be good to know where SDR’s organizations are. You can find our associations and their contact information on SDR’s website. https://sdr.org/om-oss/sdr-nara-mig/


School for deaf children

The right to schooling also applies to deaf children from Ukraine. In Sweden, there are five regional special schools for deaf and hard of hearing children. They are found in Härnösand, Stockholm, Örebro, Vänersborg and Lund. More information is available on the Swedish Agency for Special Needs Education, SPSM’s website. https://www.spsm.se/skolalternativ/vara-skolor/


For you who work at the Swedish Migration Agency

About deaf refugees from Ukraine (2022-03-08)


For our district organizations and local associations

Letter to district organizations and local associations (2022-03-09)


What can I do?

Contribute with financial donations to Deaf Refugees Welcome Sweden and deaf refugees from Ukraine for their food, clothes and medicines during their stay in Sweden. More information: https://www.facebook.com/108737781780136/posts/108763131777601/?d=n

You can also contribute financially to the deaf in Ukraine – donate to the WFD’s fundraiser in Ukraine
More information about the WFD’s work and support for the deaf in Ukraine: http://wfdeaf.org/news/ukraine2022/