Nothing about us without us.

Nothing about us without us.

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Deaf Lawyer Working Group Meeting

Topics for the Deaf Lawyers Working Group:

  • The UN Disability Convention shadow reports and implementation
  • Legal perspective of Oral Amendment in a report from the European Parliament
  • Written Declaration
  • European Citizen’s Initiative.

These are all very timely issues, which are currently of importance to EUD.

The Deaf Lawyer Working Group meets once a year for one weekend. Currently, there are 6 members of the group:

Dr Gergely Tapolczai, Hungary
Helga Stevens, Belgium
Delphine le Maire, Belgium
Helena Gade, Denmark
Rob Wilks, United Kingdom
Eeva Tupi, Finland

EUD Board Member Dr Gergely Tapolczai is the chair of the Deaf Lawyer Working Group.

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