Education and training targets to“promote inclusive education andlifelong learning for pupils and students with disabilities.”

Access to Sign Language interpreting for children/student in school is the key for integration, inclusion and participation as well as the choice for the best quality education, should it be in a mainstream school and not in a special deaf school. regardless of it is in between a special deaf school. According to the EUD survey, 29 per cent deaf children attend special deaf schools where Sign Language is the first language. For the others, in 28 per cent of the country Sign Language interpreting is legally available for unlimited hours during one week on the basis of the need of the individual child. Interpreting for between 10-20 hours per week is possible to receive in 10 per cent of the countries. In 14 per cent of the countries, interpreting is only possible to have in few and very limited hours per week. In 19 per cent of the countries, this is responsibility of the the regional/local government to decide and provide for meaning it varies a great deal within one country and can be regarded as decided upon on a case by case basis.

It is important to note that providing sign language interpreting at school is merely one aspect of accessibility in education, it does not equal inclusive education and reasonable accommodation in the full meaning. To ensure full inclusion and participation there is also linguistic and cultural accessibility aspects to consider and include as well as a sign language learning environment, learning material in sign languages, qualified teachers in sign language, sign language as a school subject etc. However, due to the limited time and resources for this survey it was not possible to fully report on all aspects of this in this document. 

         Deaf Schools                                                          Mainstream schools with sign langauage interpreters

                                                                      Unlimited                 10-20h/week            Few/very                 Regional and
                                                                                                                                          limited h/week            case by case


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