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EUD on TV – Bringing the ADPA – EED Project in Sweden

On 9 April 2024, EUD Policy Manager, Mr Alexandre Bloxs was invited to give an interview to Sveriges Television (SVT) – the Swedish public service television company – on their sign language programme “15 Minuter På Teckensprak”.   

The topic of this interview focused on the upcoming EU elections and their importance in shaping the life of the European deaf community. The discussions delved into the intricacies between European politics and deaf people by highlighting how the European Parliament can leverage the human rights of deaf people within the European Union.   

The interview presented an insight into the EUD’s role in guiding Members of the European Parliament in shaping policies that would have a meaningful impact on the European deaf community.  

Ultimately, the interview provided the opportunity to highlight the close collaboration between the European Union of the Deaf and the European Parliament through the Accessible Democratic Process for All – European Election for the Deaf Project (ADPA – EED).   

The interview was conducted in International Sign and will be aired through SVT channels on 22 April 2024 with Swedish Sign Language and Swedish language interpretation.   

EUD would like to thank the SVT Team and the European Parliament ADPA – EED Project for making this happen.   

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