For the first time ever EUD worked together with the European Parliament to produce a campaign video on the European elections 2019 in 31 sign languages!

We are particularly excited as this is the first time in history when the video content produced by the European Parliament will be available in the mother tongue languages of many deaf Europeans – 31 sign languages. The videos will inform deaf voters about the European elections in an accessible way. Accessibility of information and communication is the key to ensure an effective and meaningful political participation of deaf voters.

EUD sees this initiative as an excellent opportunity to reach out to all Europeans during the elections and highlights that ensuring accessibility is an opportunity, not a burden. Therefore, we call upon the candidates for the European Parliament and all relevant national authorities to empower deaf voters to meaningfully exercise their right to vote by removing significant obstacles when accessing information and communication during the European elections and make all information and communication available in national sign languages.

EUD hopes to collaborate with the European Parliament in the future making more and more accessible content for deaf Europeans.

In cooperation with European Parliament and Maya de Wit Sign Language Interpreting Consultancy.

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