A groundbreaking website that demonstrates the concrete impact of the EU on individual citizens and local communities in our daily lives.
Screenshot of the website www.wat-europa-for-mij-doet.eu, with the parts 'In my region', 'In my life' and 'In detail'.   

The interactive, multilingual website was created by the European Parliament's Research Center and contains hundreds of easy-to-read, short examples (one page long) of the EU's positive influence on the lives of individual citizens. Users can easily find specific information about what the EU is doing for their region, profession or favorite leisure activity.

Per location

There are about 1800 pages available for reading and sharing. These can also be used as web pages or in the form of PDF files. The articles on the site are divided into three categories. In the first category, called'In my region', users can select a place, for example the region in which they live or work. Here they can see how Europe is present in their village, city or region.This section of the website covers more than 1,400 locations across the EU.

For you personally

The second part of the website, called'In my life', lets users choose from 400 short articles about what they personally find important. This concerns questions such as 'how does the EU influence families, health care, hobbies, travel, safety, consumer protection and social rights?' How does the EU support people in their professional lives - from beekeepers to bus drivers and brewers? What has the EU done for our favorite leisure activities, such as sports, music or TV viewing? You will find answers to all these questions.This section also includes a series of podcasts, available in an increasing number of languages.

In the future

The third and final part of the website, called 'In detail', contains longer background information about the realizations of the current parliamentary term and the expectations for the future. Extra attention is paid to the concerns of citizens and their expectations of the EU.


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