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Rien sur nous sans nous.

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Réunion EUD-EUDY

On Friday, 9th December, the members of European Union of the Deaf Youth (EUDY) Board had a productive meeting with EUD Executive Director, Mark Wheatley, and one of the items that were discussed was the co-operation agreement between both organisations.

In the video, Mark Wheatley and EUDY President Philippa Merricks explained how robust the co-operation between both organisations has been in the last two years since they signed the first agreement.

Mark Wheatley also mentioned that it is vital for EUD to have EUDY as a strong co-operating partner to encourage Deaf young people to be involved in European affairs in the future.

One of the results that came out of the meeting was the decision to extend the period of the co-operation agreement, which will be formally ratified by both Presidents during EUD General Assembly in Copenhagen, Denmark in May 2012.

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