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Webinar sur les pratiques inclusives du handicap dans la coopération internationale dans le cadre du projet VIVID

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Le 14th of May EUD followed a webinar organised by the European Disability Forum about the disability inclusion in humanitarian action and volunteering. The webinar is the first of a set of webinars about the EU funded project VIVID. The webinar had the participation of Ruard Wallis de Vries, Policy Officer at the European Commission (Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture), Loredana Disci, Internal Communications & Membership Officer at the European Disability Forum, and Zrinka Delic and Maria Gonzalez, VIVID project coordinators.

Ruard Wallis de Vries, from the European Commission, gave a presentation about the European Solidarity Corps programme, and introduced the new initiative called HUMAID which is a strand about solidarity activities in support of humanitarian action. Zrinca Delic, VIVID Project coordinator, gave a brief overview of the project, explaining that the Project aims to create a global community of practice which is made up of EU organisations working towards disability inclusion un humanitarian action and volunteering. She also presented the consortium members of VIVID, which include a number of disability and humanitarian organisations at both the EU and the national levels.

María González explained the importance of this project and what VIVID aims to achieve, such as making volunteering practices more inclusive and accessible, as well as to enhance the volunteer management practice. Loredana Dicsi gave a testimony about her personal experience as a volunteer, and she also spoke about the impact on volunteering as a person with disability.

The VIVID Project aims to create a community of practice made up of EU organisations working towards disability inclusion in humanitarian action and volunteering. EUD will increasingly advocate for the inclusion of deaf persons in EU-funded humanitarian action and volunteer programs, including the European Solidarity Corps.

EUD would like to thank EDF and the VIVID partners for organising the webinar.

Access the full webinar with International Sign interpretation ici. Access the EDF webinar page  ici.

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