CNSE, the National Confederation of the Deaf, is the deaf association representing the interests of deaf persons in Spain. If you need to contact them upon arrival in Belgium, please use the following contact details:  

SMS and phone : + 34 647 65 76 02 / + 34 662 31 71 75 

Twitter CNSE: @CNSEinfo  


The support available for deaf refugees arriving from Ukraine in Spain includes the 4 Reception, Attention and Referral Centres (CREADE) created by the Spanish Government in the following locations along with the phone numbers:  

  • Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid), ACCEM phone 637274256 

  • Alicante (Comunidad de Valencia) Red Cross, phone 900221122 

  • Barcelona (Catalonia) Red Cross phone.900221122 

  • Málaga (Andalusia) CEAR phone 628610756 


In the CREADEs, displaced persons from Ukraine are received and given an initial orientation; secondly, they allow the completion of the procedures to obtain a work and residence permit within 24 hours. Finally, after conducting in-depth interviews, they decide on the referrals of those who need the residence permit and who will be sent to the nearest suitable place.    


In Spain, displaced persons are entitled to work and residence permits and benefits, ranging from accommodation and food, legal and psychosocial assistance, employment assistance, health care, schooling and financial aid. Displaced persons from Ukraine will be able to legally use their driving licences in Spain for at least one year. Reception centres and NGOs are in direct contact with the local federation of deaf people.  


Currently, the government is also organising the conditions of safe foster care for displaced persons.  


The organisations of CERMI and CNSE have asked the Government for the legal, extraordinary and urgent consideration of the disability status (disability certificate) for refugees to have access to all Spanish social resources for disability.  


In Siret (border of Romania with Ukraine), Orade a (Romania) and Cherniustsi (Ukraine), the Spanish NGO Mensajeros por la Paz is supporting displaced people. They have support from the ONCE Foundation and will contact CNSE if they find deaf people. 


To find further information in Ukrainian in Spain, please visit the following websites: 

Government of Spain – Information for displaced persons from Ukraine: 


If you require information via sign language interpretation, a 24-hour helpline has been established at +34 910474444 that is accessible for deaf persons through Please note that the Ukrainian SVIsual button is also included in the app.