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Interview with efsli President


Lars Knudsen, EUD Communication & Media Officer, interviews Maya de Wit, President of the European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters (efsli) and got to know more about efsli and its work.

Maya de Wit answered questions from Lars Knudsen that covered the close EUD-efsli co-operation, the sign language interpreter situation in Europe, and the new efsli Executive Director.

efsli represents the interests of sign language interpreters in Europe. It is a European membership-led organisation of sign language interpreters consisting of national and regional associations with individual and associate members. efsli is working towards a higher status of the profession of sign language interpreters in Europe.

For more information about the efsli, please go to their website here.

You can also download the official efsli-EUD Sign Language Interpreter Guidelines for international/European level meetings here.

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