Fédération Nationale
des Sourds de France (FNSF)
National Federation of France for the Deaf

Information and facts about France and National Federation of France for the Deaf:

Established: 1834
Full member of EUD since: 1985

President: Vincent Cottineau
Vice President:
Board Member:
Board Member:
Board Member:

Sign Language: Langue des Signes Francaise
Abbreviation: LSF

Number of Deaf Sign Language Users: 300,000
Number of Working Sign Language Interpreters: 400

Convention: Signature 30 March 2007
Ratification: 18 February 2010

Optional Protocol: Signature 23 September 2008
Ratification: 18 February 2010

41 rue Joseph Python
75020 Paris

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (+33) 1 40 30 18 36