Press briefing (press conference) of the government (governorate), with the sign language interpreter!

It will be more often now!



Advice for the hearing impaired informs as much as possible via newsletter!

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You have simplified the information for us hearing impaired!




Information on Minister Claude Meisch's press conference on March 13, 2020.



Info here:


If you have any questions about the text, please contact the advice center !


Deaf people and all those who cannot make phone calls now have an email address for any questions:

coronavirus hotline (a)


Ministry of Health



The Ministry of Health has answered many questions about Coronavirus on its website. For further, other questions you can also send an email: direction-sante (a)


Actually if in, press conferences are announced there will be a live ticker with a video streaming of the press conference with inclusion of sign language interpreters in DGS (German Sign Language).


Moreover if a parliament meets in urgence matters there sessions will be sent with inclusion of sign language interpreters in, and under livetickers of press like etc.


The information is available in four languages FR DE EN LU. 

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