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EU workshop on the evaluation of Regulation 1107/2006

On the 10th of November EUD participated at the workshop which was held in the context of the support study on the ex-post evaluation of Regulation 1107/2006 concerning the rights of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility when travelling by air (PRM Regulation (1107/2006). 

The participatory workshop took place online, gathering a selection of National Enforcement Bodies, stakeholders from PRM and passenger representatives as well as the industry.

The aim of the workshop was to contribute to the reflection on how Regulation 1107/2006 is performing, with a focus on improving the rules in place and their enforcement and any grey areas where further attention would be welcome. During the workshop a fruitful discussion took place between PRMs and passenger representatives, operational stakeholders and authorities on some key themes related to the implementation and enforcement of Regulation 1107/2006.

During the workshop EUD highlighted on multiple occasions that deaf passengers cannot be denied boarding as this would be highly discriminatory and instead the airports and aircrafts must be made fully accessible to and inclusive of all passengers. EUD also highlighted that it is absolutely essential to ensure that accessibility of information and communication, especially the one on emergency announcements must be fully accessible for deaf passengers at all stages of their travels.

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