Sofia Issari is currently a Kindergarten teacher and the Head Teacher of the Deaf school for deaf in Kindergarten in Athens, since 2015. In this role, she has 13 years of working experience with deaf children in early intervention, while supporting their families and developing their signing skills. Specifically, her experience focuses in sign language teaching (L1) for Children in early childhood and (L2) adults with deaf children.

In the past, she has been involved for many years in developing bilingual programs and teaching materials for GSL, in addition to her teaching. As a member of the Association of Greek Sign Language Teachers, She is an experienced external examiner in GSL first level exams. She is fluent in GSL, ASL, and IS.

Recently, she became an efsliDI Chair, a delegate to the efsli board and an efsli partner to DDL project via Erasmus +-Developing Deaf Interpreters in Europe.

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