The EUD General Assembly took place in Valletta, Malta on the 20th and 21st May 2017. We also had our workshop focusing on Gender Equality and EUD Membership fee which was presented by Louise Danielsson, Berglind Stefánsdóttir and Dr Gergely Tapolczai.
The EUD Election also took place but there were only five candidates so the voting process was simplified. The delegates voted and approved all the candidates as follows:

President - Dr Markku Jokinen (Finland)

Vice President – Dr Gergely Tapolczai (Hungary)

Board Members - Louise Danielsson (Sweden), Sofia Isari (Greece) and Daniel Büter (Germany).

The delegates at the General Assembly welcomed the new board but witnessed the departure of Alfredo Gómez Fernández and Dr Humberto Insolera after their 4 year term. We all thank them for their contribution achieving the goals of EUD.

The hot topics of the General Assembly was the membership fees. During the debate, there were many points raised and came to a result. With the debate concluded, it is confirmed that the membership fee will increase by 5% and also the board will have the authority to deal with NADs who are facing financial difficulties at case by case basis. The board was also given authority to decide on the location of the next General Assembly during 2018.

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