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Mag.a Helene Jarmer Re-Elected

Mag.a Helene Jarmer re-elected to the Austrian Parliament

Recently the 25th Elections of the Austrian Parliament took place on 29 September 2013. At this day the Greens "Bündnis90/Die Grünen" achieved election returns of 12.3 %, yielding 24 mandates. An increase of 4 mandates in comparison to 2008 enabled the re-election of Mag.a Helene Jarmer to the Austrian Parliament.

Since 2009 Helene Jarmer has been the first Deaf Member of the Parliament in Austria. Next to Dr Ádám Kósa and Helga Stevens she was the third Deaf sign language user elected as a politician in Europe. Now Mag.a Helene Jarmer is back and can continue her political work, as well as her Presidential responsibilities at the Austrian Deaf Federation "ÖGLB", which is a full member of EUD. She will also carry on being the disability spokesperson of the Greens in the Austrian Parliament.

The Board and Staff of EUD would like to congratulate Mag.a Helene Jarmer on her success. We appreciate her engagement and look forward to cooperating with her in the future.

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