NewsBites #3

The 3rd NewsBite is out! You can find more about the recent highlights here:

1. 80 year anniversary of the Lithuanian Deaf Association

EUD Vice President, Dr Gergely Tapolczai and board member, Sofia Isari attended a seminar at the Lithuanian Parliament in Vilnius, Lithuania to celebrate the 80 year anniversary of the Lithuanian Deaf Association. The EUD sends warmest congratulations for this remarkable achievement - eighty years!

2. Internship 

Our interns, Serafine and Roy have left after their 3 months placement with EUD. Find out about their experience here! Do you want to be an intern at EUD? Applications for the spring period are open! Read more here:

3. Veera Elonen

EUD have supported a Deaf Finnish student who is studying in Denmark for her Masters on ‘Global Studies and Cultural Encounters’. She has used our office as focal point

4.  The 60th anniversary of the World Federation of the Deaf in Rome, Italy

EUD President Markku Jokinen was invited to attend the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the International Day of the Deaf in Rome, Italy. The Italian Deaf community and representatives from the Swiss and Maltese associations of the Deaf gathered together with other leaders to demonstrate their appreciation for sign languages. #IDSL2018 #SignLanguagesDay #WFDRome


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