In order to make sure that economic operators in EU countries will be legally obliged to sell accessible products and services on the EU market, the European Accessibility Act that has been proposed by the European Commission end of last year needs to be adopted by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union. 

The European Parliament is composed of Members that were directly elected in the last European elections in 2014. The Council of the European Union is composed by the ministers of all the national governments that are responsible for this policy area.

While EUD advocates for the adoption of the European Accessibility Act with the members of the European Parliament, it is crucial to also make our voices heard towards the national governments, so that the Council understands the importance of this act and of an accessible Europe for the European disability community as well as all EU citizens.

This is why we would like to provide you with tools developed by the European Disability Forum (EDF) to help with your advocacy work towards your own governments to support the European Accessibility Act. 

This section of our website contains

  • a model letter that you can use to send to the responsible Ministry to ask for a meeting and present your position;
  • a list of possible arguments that they might bring up against the Accessibility Act and the replies that you can give them;
  • EDF's initial position paper that you can use to support your position in the discussions. 

Please make use of these resources to ensure the adoption of an ambitious, meaningful Accessibility Act that has the potential to improve the lives of 80 million persons with disabilities in Europe!

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