Sustainable Development of Sign Language Communities

Sign languages, deaf communities, and deaf cultural practices have developed all over the world and have appeared to be diverse. Scientific research has contributed to the recognition and visibility of sign languages and the emancipation of deaf people. More non-deaf people are now using sign languages, and deaf communities are turning into sign language communities.

The communities' sustainability and the intergenerational transmission of deaf knowledge/culture are challenged by recent developments such as the spread of the bionic ear, mainstreamed education, social mobility, and virtual and transnational interaction. Simultaneously, the creation of new spaces for sign language use indicates alternative development paths. Gaining insight into deaf epistemologies - worldviews of deaf people is necessary for gaining further understanding of this process.

Dr. Sam Lutalo-Kiingi

Prof. Dr. Alys Young

Prof. Dr. Peter V. Paul

Annika Pabsch

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