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The European Commission published a Roadmap for the post 2020 European Disability Strategy – have your say!

European Commission building

On the 15th October the European Commission published a roadmap for post 2020 European Disability Strategy (post 2020 EDS). Post 2020 EDS will build on the 2010-20 strategy, both through targeted action and by ensuring that rights of persons with disabilities are taken into account across all EU policies, programmes and instruments.

Roadmap of post 2020 EDS aims to inform citizens and stakeholders about the European Commission’s work on the post 2020 European Disability Strategy in order to allow them to provide feedback and to participate effectively in future consultation activities. Citizens and stakeholders, such as the National Associations of the Deaf, are in particular invited to provide views on the European Commission’s understanding of post 2020 European Disability Strategy. NADs views on the barriers that deaf persons face and possible solutions are particularly welcome.  You are invited to make available any relevant information that you may have. 

If you need any support from EUD when making sure your views on the Roadmap are considered, you can always consult EUD’s input to the Roadmap. If you find the document too long, you can access the short summary. You can find both documents below. 

You can submit your input until the 12th of November.  

You can access the Roadmap here:

Wszystkie publikacje z lat 2022 - 2026 są współfinansowane i powstają w ramach programu Komisji Europejskiej Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV).

Wyrażone poglądy i opinie są jednak poglądami wyłącznie autorów i nie muszą odzwierciedlać poglądów Unii Europejskiej lub programu Komisji Europejskiej CERV. Ani Unia Europejska, ani instytucja przyznająca pomoc nie mogą ponosić za nie odpowiedzialności.

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