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EUD visits Tallinn, Estonia

The Estonian Deaf Association warmly welcomed the EUD Board and staff last weekend. EUD holds its quarterly Board meetings in different locations across the EU to liaise with its members and to increase co-operation in all EUD member countries.

EUD Meeting Deaf Association & Disability Council 
The Estonian Deaf Association organised a meeting together with the National Disability Council to exchange information and share working practices. The EUD team looks forward to the EUD General Assembly in Tallinn in 2018, when Estonia takes the European Presidency. In the meantime EUD encourages the Estonian NAD and the Disability Council to take every effort in improving access for Deaf sign language users in the country, especially in higher education and regarding interpreter services.

EUD Seminar
The EUD Board members and staff gave a seminar to introduce EUD’s work to the Estonian Deaf community. EUD’s interactive presentation explained EUD’s structure, its members, as well as its vision to achieve equality in public and private life for Deaf sign language users. All Board Members gave specific examples from their home countries about sign language interpreter services, legislation, and education. The Board members explained the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) and showcased the four Deaf politicians active in Europe (Austria, Belgium, and Hungary, as well European Parliament).

EUD Board Meeting
The EUD Board meeting discussed important updates from the last months, such as the Insign project and the review of the finances. EUD Board and staff were busy preparing the EUD General Assembly in Athens, Greece in May and continuing the European Parliament election campaign. The Board meetings play an important role in the European-wide co-operation of Deaf communities and, along with the General Assembly, are the cornerstones of EUD’s democratic structure.

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