Article 27: Work and Employment ebook

Annika Pabsch, Petra Söderqvist

This second book in the series focuses in particular on article 27 of the Convention. Work and employment are explored from various angles, including the right to reasonable accommodation, as well as labour and trade union rights.

The diverse chapters represent a range of disciplines and professionals; their backgrounds span from political and institutional stakeholders and representatives, to academic scholars, and NGO representatives. In particular, the authors explore how the rights enshrined in Article 27 are applicable to deaf and hard of hearing citizens, and how private companies and organisations are embodying diversity in the workplace.

To quote the book please use the following convention: Pabsch, A. & Söderqvist, P. (2015). UNCRPD Implementation In Europe - A Deaf Perspective: Article 27: Work and employment. Brussels: EUD.

Dimensions: 160 x240 x9 mm

Executive Summary

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