Article 33: National implementation and monitoring ebook

Petra Söderqvist

This third book in the series focuses in particular on Article 33 of the CRPD. National implementation and monitoring is analysed and good examples are presented from the different stakeholders involved in the process; from the view of the decision makers, to the independent monitoring organisations and civil society organisations (Disabled People’s Organisations, DPOs), both at European and national level. 

The diverse chapters represent a range of disciplines and professionals. Their backgrounds span from political and institutional stakeholders and representatives, to academic scholars and NGO representatives. In particular, the authors explore how the rights enshrined in Article 33 are applicable to deaf and hard of hearing citizens, and how they are involved in the process of assuring that the CRPD is implemented in the best way possible. 

Dimensions: 160 x240 x13 mm

Executive Summary

Table of content

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