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The first European Accessibility Act peer support meeting

Na of February EUD attended the first peer support meeting for the organisations that focus on the transposition of the European Accessibility Act (EAA). The peer support meeting was organised and hosted by the European Disability Forum (EDF).

The European Accessibility Act is currently in its adoption phase by the EU Member States with the deadline of 28 June 2022. In light of this a number of disability rights advocates and accessibility experts have started to engage in the process of transposition in their countries. For this reason, the European Disability Forum decided to organise three meetings in 2021 where the representatives from the organisations which engage in the advocacy on the national level can exchange with the relevant information, share with good practices and support each other. In 2021 two more peer support meetings are scheduled to take place, one in July and one in October. 

The first meeting was an introductory one and allowed members of the group to update each other on how the process is going in their countries. During the meeting participants exchanged with information which ministries in different countries were assigned as responsible ones for transposition, what are their priorities and what obstacles organisations face when trying to influence the EAA transposition at national level.  

EUD strongly encourages the National Associations of the Deaf to engage with their governments during the transposition period of the EAA and participate in the upcoming peer support meetings. To know more how to start the advocacy on the national level or how to attend the upcoming peer support meetings please get in touch with our policy team.  

EUD’s webinar on EAA:

EUD’s toolkit for the EAA’s transposition:

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