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Nič o nas brez nas.

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Jenny Lay-Flurrie

ACT! (Accessible Communication Today!) by European Platform and Microsoft

Velotypist transcript:

So, maybe some of you are wondering why we are having our meeting here in the Microsoft building.
Well, we have been meeting with Microsoft. In the past we have met their chief accessibility officer. Her name is Jenny Lay-Flurrie. She herself, I met her, she is actually deaf. And how she communicates. She has a sign language interpreter who accompanies her. She speaks on her own behalf, she is deaf. She has a sign language interpreter to seek communication. I learned a lot of information from her. When we met I told her about the European platform and we came up with this event. I’m grateful and thankful to Microsoft to hosting us. Ms. Lay-Flurrie wasn’t able to make it to be here. She did a pre recorded video for us.

Mark: Again, another inspiring speech.
It is really amazing to see Microsoft do have people in their organisation that daily face the barriers that we do. There are various companies that work with people who have disabilities. But don’t have anyone on their staff who have the day to day experience. Ms. Lay-Flurrie has the experience. I also saw the British flag behind her.

Vse publikacije za obdobje 2022-2026 so sofinancirane in izdane v okviru programa Evropske komisije Državljani, enakost, pravice in vrednote (CERV).

Izražena stališča in mnenja so izključno mnenja avtorja(-ev) in ne odražajo nujno stališč in mnenj Evropske unije ali programa CERV Evropske komisije. Niti Evropska unija niti organ, ki dodeljuje sredstva, ne moreta biti odgovorna zanje.

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