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Advert: The EU Disability Card: experiences and suggestions for the deaf community

EUD Internal Webinar

28th February 2023
10:00h – 12:00h Brussels time

EUD will be holding a webinar on “The EU Disability Card: suggestions and experiences for the deaf community” to promote a constructive discussion with EU representatives, EUD member organisations (National Associations of the Deaf), and civil society.  The webinar will be an opportunity to: 

  • Discuss the general goals and measures of the Card 
  • Learn about the experiences of deaf persons involved in the pilot project on which the Card has been trialled 
  • Gain insights from civil society on the EU policy-making process for developing a proposal for the Card by the end of 2023 
  • Discuss the next steps to ensure that deaf persons can avail of a more suitable and ambitious form of the Card for its upcoming expansion to all EU Member States 

This webinar will be available for only EUD full members only. Due to a different approach of EUD towards webinars, the event will be available in International Sign Language only. 

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