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FTS Workshop Highlights Digital Inclusion Efforts in Namur

On January 29th, 2024, Namur, Belgium, hosted a significant event as part of the Free Technology Signs (FTS) Project. This workshop, led by Executive Director Frankie Picron, focused on providing job coaches with digital tools to assist deaf job seekers. Marking the culmination of the European Union of the Deaf’s (EUD) involvement with the FTS initiative, the event emphasized the critical need for inclusive technologies in today’s employment landscape.

The workshop offered a platform to discuss the importance of digital literacy for the deaf community, aiming to empower job seekers with the necessary skills to navigate the digital world. Executive Director Frankie Picron highlighted the project’s achievements and explored strategies for enhancing digital inclusion for deaf individuals.

Participants engaged in practical sessions and interactive discussions, sharing experiences and strategies to support the professional development of deaf job seekers. The event stressed the importance of recognizing and nurturing deaf talent, advocating for supportive and inclusive practices in the workplace.

The FTS Project serves as an example of how technology, combined with a focus on empathy and accessibility, can help overcome barriers to inclusion. It demonstrates the potential of collaborative efforts to create environments where deaf individuals can succeed professionally.

As the EUD reflects on the outcomes of the FreeTech Signs Workshop, it reaffirms its commitment to supporting initiatives that promote equality and inclusion for deaf people. Through continued advocacy and support for projects like FTS, the EUD aims to advance a more inclusive and equitable society for all.

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