Revisões do Comité

EUD informs, trains, and supports EUD member organisations in all aspects of the UN CRPD and especially when the EU Member States are under review by the CRPD Committee, to ensure the ambitious and effective UN CRPD implementation for deaf persons at national level.

EUD conducts regular meetings with the National Associations of the Deaf who’s country is under the UN CRPD review process to ensure NADs are meaningfully involved in the process and the deaf perspective is visible during UN CRPD implementation. EUD’s role is to assist NADs during the UN CRPD review process. EUD offers expertise while drafting an alternative report, providing input to the State Party Report or getting in touch with the UN CRPD Committee. Also, EUD always supports its members on the social media during the Constructive Dialogues.

EUD also collaborates with the EU institutions and other EU level organisations of persons with disabilities on the matters related to the UN CRPD implementation at the EU level.