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Nič o nas brez nas.

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EDF Manifesto on the European Elections


Today we are 100 days away from the European Parliament elections. It is a unique opportunity for MEP candidates to make strong commitments to concrete changes aiming to ensure that European citizens with disabilities fully enjoy their civil, political, social, economic and cultural rights. Today’s cocktail event will launch the EDF Manifesto on the European elections. It is being hosted by Ádám Kósa MEP, Chair of the Disability Intergroup. MEPs from a range of political parties are showing their support and reacting to the manifesto that aims at promoting an inclusive, sustainable and democratic Europe. EUD fully supports EDF’s manifesto and urges MEPs to sign both the EDF and our own manifesto, to concretely implement key measures to make the elections accessible for Deaf sign language users.

European Disability Forum’s campaign: 

European Disability Forum’s biennial report: 

Vse publikacije za obdobje 2022-2026 so sofinancirane in izdane v okviru programa Evropske komisije Državljani, enakost, pravice in vrednote (CERV).

Izražena stališča in mnenja so izključno mnenja avtorja(-ev) in ne odražajo nujno stališč in mnenj Evropske unije ali programa CERV Evropske komisije. Niti Evropska unija niti organ, ki dodeljuje sredstva, ne moreta biti odgovorna zanje.

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