The Romanian National Association of the Deaf is organised among 37 branches. Our association has a history of over 100 years. In order to handle the problem of the Ukrainian Deaf refugees, our employees and volunteers are working to offer assistance. We can be contacted using the Message system on our association’s  Facebook page ( by writing an email at [email protected] and also using Whatsapp with the number +4 0785 100 971.

At the Romanian border, there are hearing or deaf volunteers that have special `deaf` symbols on their clothing, which can be observed. If no such volunteer can be found, the refugees should contact the official authorities at the border and they will contact us, from the Association of the Deaf. The Ukrainian Deaf refugees that arrive in Romania, just like the hearing, can access the website which has information in 3 languages: Ukrainian, English and Romanian. Information of free support is provided here, including: accommodation, food, transportation. These services are offered by the Romanian state also in collaboration with other organisations and private people who contribute to the cause of the hearing and deaf refugees of Ukraine.