The national representative association of the deaf and hard of hearing in Slovenia has been cooperating well with government bodies for many years, and as one of the results of successful cooperation with them are regular weekly press conferences of the government with an interpreter in Slovene sign language.


In the  midst of the pandemic of Coronavirus, the Government together with the Crisis Staff have not forgotten about us and it has a regular press conference every day to inform the public about the measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and their implementation. All information from government press conferences has been translated by a live interpreter. We publish their sign-language interpreted press conferences also on our website and Facebook profile SpletnaTV. Spletna TV is our digital media, which is under the care of the media team of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Clubs Association of Slovenia.

Here you have a link to a video of the government conferences with an interpreter on our website:

During these times, the national broadcaster RTV SLO also contributes to the timely and accessible provision of information to the hearing impaired population with interpreter and subtitles on daily news reports. On the link  you can see archived daily reports, interpreted in Slovene sign language, which were broadcast. Hearing-impaired people, however, can watch these shows on TV with subtitles via teletext on 771 or 772 (for TV programs SLO 1 and SLO2).

With this record, all persons have access to daily news programs in personalized techniques (translation into sign language and subtitles), but only on national television. However, we strive to make all broadcasts, not only daily news programs, but also other programs such as popular sciences, education and the like available to us. Not only on national television, but also on other commercial TVs where possible.

With all this, our association has put together guidelines for protecting our health in videos with sign language. For example, guidelines for self-protective action in the video article “10 Steps to Fight Against Coronavirus”.

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